Sewer Camera Inspection

 What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

This is a process where a professional plumber will search for a blockage in your sewer line if traditional methods like plungers, auguring or drain cleaners do not work. The camera will be inserted from plumbing fixtures inside the house towards the connection in the street. The camera will show lighted images in the sewer pipe until a blockage is found.

This is not something you should do yourself, the inspection should be performed by an experienced professional plumber with the proper HD camera. The type of camera a professional would use costs more than $10,000. It is a self-leveling, high definition product with HD recording capabilities. It has and a length of over 300 feet with a transmitter attached on the end. A professional will recognize problems and/or potential problems that you may overlook.

What will the camera see?

The camera will show images from the traps of your fixture, the sewer lines under the house and the main line in the yard up to the blockage. If the camera can push through the blockage, it will show the image all the way to the public sewer main. The picture will be lighted and in high definition, but expect a jerky image.

Once the camera locates the blockage how do you know where to dig?

Once the camera with the transmitter stops at the blockage, the plumber will use a locating device above ground to find the transmitter. By marking the spot, you’ll be able to know exactly where the plumber needs to dig in order to remove the blockage, repair the pipe and minimize expense and damage to your yard.

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Toilets gurgling? It helps when you pull 30 ft of tree roots out of main sewer line. Call for your camera inspection today!